When Dianna Hobbs first wrote the song “Soon” back in 2008, she sang it to her mother
Annie Brinson.

With nothing but a piece of paper in hand and a voice on the telephone, she poured out her
soul in song to her mom. Since that time, “Soon” has remained one of Annie’s favorite songs
from Dianna’s personal catalog and it’s sure to become one of yours as well.

It is an encouragement song, as Dianna likes to call it—one that she had previously
recorded, but never released… until now in honor of her mother, a breast cancer survivor.

In 2011, when Mrs. Brinson was diagnosed with “Triple Negative” Dianna was devastated.
Her Aunt Ree (her mother’s sister) had already passed away after her long battle.  And from
the looks of things, Dianna’s mom wasn’t going to make it either.  During Mrs. Brinson’s
chemotherapy treatment, she contracted infection after infection. On top of all of that, her
Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis complicated her treatment to the point where
doctors weren’t sure what to do.

It is during that time that Dianna revisited the song “Soon” and promised she would record
its assuring message just for her mother.

Dianna kept her promise.

Finally, she completed the song and is now releasing it to her music supporters to add to
their growing collection.

“This song right here is like my personal letter to everyone who’s facing stormy weather,”
say the lyrics of the song. “Rough seasons seem like they gone last forever, but I’m here to
tell you times are gone get better,” sings Hobbs over a slow-building beat.

Whether you are battling sickness of some sort, financial challenges, employment setbacks,
family struggles, or other difficulties, Dianna is hoping you will find comfort in the words of
the song, Soon.

Though the road to destiny can be long and hard, you have to continue believing that things
will work out soon, because they will.

Today, Dianna’s mother Annie is cancer-free and is ecstatic that the “telephone song” is
officially recorded, released, and added to her playlist.

Add it to yours today! Download Soon

It will bless your life.
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